The Ministry

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth works hard to provide all services and facilities that satisfy the needs of the cultural, sports and youth sectors. The ministry also seeks to implement various programs and activities in accordance with the aspirations of the target groups, to meet their different needs and expectations.

Social clubs have always been the center for young people to carry out their various sports, cultural, artistic and literary activities, where plans, policies and programs related to the three sectors have rolled out to create what allows individuals, institutions, companies and the society to work together through the formation of an integrated digital community that provides business opportunities, participates in activities and events, and works to highlight talents and benefit from services.

Today, the ministry realizes that its role is reflected in two parallel axes: one that encompasses Oman’s culture around the world, the culture of peace, knowledge and civilization in which the memory and identity of the Omani man were formed as it opened up to and coexisted with others. The other axis unites the cultures of the world with their colors and shades and brings them into harmony, learning from the originality of their geographical environments. As the digital world accelerates in meeting the requirements of the real world, the ministry is now dedicating itself to linking the digital world with the real world by using scientific grounds that ensure transparency, reliability, and credibility in the data, bringing national ambitions to Oman 2040; A nation that shakes hands with the world through human culture and sports.

While the ministry guarantees providing security to citizen’s insights, art, literature, knowledge, values and identity as a whole, the qualitative development of its services also ensures the quality of service and transparency of communication between individuals and institutions in line with contemporary life today by providing the latest data first, as well as the sustainability of the business and quality of services, restructured and integrated into less than 30 services within reach, while keeping pace with the general shift that the Sultanate hopes for in its process of digital transformation.